Paperwork and Lodgements

September 26 and 27, 2018

‘This free training is on a first come, first serve basis. We can accommodate 15 maximum participants daily. Participants only need to attend 1 session. For any nominations, please notify your FPA AND their immediate CSMs on or before 21 Sept  2018.


The purpose of the ‘Paperwork & Lodgements’ Training is for learners to

  • Understand the overall implementation process for superannuation, pension & insurance
  • Know the important implementation documents
  • Learn the basics of lodging applications
  • Refer and use the VBP standard checklists for lodging and monitoring applications
  • Ensure previous learnings about implementation are retained and kept current

At the end of this training, Financial Planning Assistants will be able to:

  • Prepare application forms for clients
  • Help in monitoring progress of application
  • Update the lodgement register


This training covers the following,

  • review lodgement terminologies – consolidation / rollovers etc
  • common implementation documents – authority to proceed, lodgement register etc.
  • quality check implementation using the VBP standard checklists for lodging & monitoring applications
  • underwriting process & booking medicals

Target Audience

The training is open to,

  • those whose clients require their team members to re-acquaint themselves with the implementation process
  • those whose clients might be considering to outsource these tasks and have this course beneficial to the Financial Planning Assistants


This training is approximately a two (2) hour session.