Structured Training 2021

Superannuation Contributions Structured Training


The purpose of the Superannuation Contributions training is for learners to:

  • outline the rules in relation to eligibility to make contributions to superannuation
  • discuss the characteristics of the different types of superannuation contributions
  • explain what is meant by concessional contributions
  • explain what is meant by non-concessional contributions
  • determine the contribution caps
  • determine the age requirements and restrictions when looking to boost one’s super
  • understand the contribution recommendations provided by financial advisers
  • outline the benefits and risks of various contributions as well as associated tax implications

At the end of this training, team members will be able to determine and distinguish how superannuation contributions fit within the advice process and evaluate these recommendations with more confidence.


This training covers the following,

  • concessional contributions – superannuation guarantee, salary sacrifice
  • non-concessional contributions – personal contributions, spouse contributions
  • contribution caps
  • contribution age requirements and restrictions
  • contribution-splitting
  • Low Income Tax Offset (LISTO)
  • Government Co-Contribution
  • First Home Super Saver Scheme (FHSSS)
  • Downsizer Contributions
  • Re-contribution strategy

Target Audience

This training is open to team members with at least 12 month’s tenure or more to provide additional refreshers and address tenured team members’ requests for learning opportunities. Qualified participants nominated by their clients are prioritised on a first-come, first-serve basis.


This training is approximately a 2-hour session via Zoom Video Conference meeting inclusive of LMS comprehension check.