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See for Yourself

Our facilities and systems

Meet our staff and learn about the Philippine culture

How to best work with your Virtual Business Partners team

Meet the Team

We will take you to our offices where you will be introduced to our team.
Have an opportunity to talk to the staff, especially your dedicated FPAs. 

We will  help you learn how to get the most out of our offshore services.  We can provide a demo of our system and process and give you time to discuss your needs and ensure our business model meets your expectations.

How will this benefit you?

There is no better way to get the most from your team than to visit them — understand them, the culture and the role they can play in your business.  Through this, you will also be able to address any of the concerns you may have relating to outsourcing.

Furthermore, you will get to see and appreciate the importance of the local culture and subsequently be able to incorporate this into your business culture back in Australia.

We conduct tours regularly.
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