Mortgage Broking Admin

Utilising the services of a Mortgage Broking Assistant. allows you to process finance applications efficiently and accurately.

We focus on taking the time-consuming admin away so you can get in front of more clients and write more loans. We focus on supporting brokers in 5 areas.

5 Stages of Support

1. Opportunities
  • Building data base list.
  • Cleaning data base.
  • Preparing for reviews.
  • Managing calendars/ bookings and confirming meetings
2. Loan Processing
  • Date entry.
  • Filing (supplementary documents).
  • Following with outstanding information.
    • Chase up bank (Bank bashing)
3. Settlement Preparation
  • Follow up Lenders regarding documents (Bank bashing).
  • Follow outstanding fee settlement.
  • Confirm settlement (Solicitor).
4. Post Settlement
  • Confirmation Letter for:
    • New account details.
    • Confirm payment details, etc.
5. Compliance Check
  • Credit Guide, Privacy Consent, Credit Proposed (signed).

Mortgage Broking Assistant

This is an interview with Lailani Santos, our Mortgage Specialist, on the benefits of having a Mortgage Broking Assistant in helping you get rid of admin tasks to focus more on getting new clients.

She is an invaluable member of our team, her professionalism, attitude to work, her knowledge and her helpfulnessa re just amazing. She has been successfully navigating across all our divisions- Financial Planning and Mortgage.

Anna Holly


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