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VBP Credit Ops – Value Proposition – Future Proof Broker.


VBP Credit Ops simplifies and provides operational structures to the credit advice process of work flow and task management. It ensures high quality, consistency and compliance for Mortgage Brokers and “peace of mind” to business’ – one process and procedure for all.

It enables Mortgage Brokers to free time to better engage and service new clients and a reengagement annual review process to retain existing clients, and stimulate activity for new business from the existing client base.

Credit Ops guides you through the compliance framework around Best Interest Duty RG 273 and Responsible Lending RG 209 of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009, MFAA Code of Practice and FBAA Code of Conduct as well as ‘best practice’ methods in the industry.




VBP’s Credit Advice Ops solution will guide you through the credit advice process, where you will benefit from;


    A fully managed end to end credit advice solution.
    A fully managed Review document
    Key workflows relating to the appointments within customer journey
    Access to experts to help you build your own niche threads for greater business efficiency
    Access to experts to help you manage your greater business needs


Manage engagements between broker and credit team
More time to better service new and existing clients


Confidence in compliant BID and Responsible lending


Consistent data entry and fact find hygiene

Increased business

Retention and review plan implementing new business strategy

End User (Client) Value

Faster response time to clients
Improved accuracy
Greater effectiveness

Utilising the services of a Mortgage Broking Assistant. allows you to process finance applications efficiently and accurately.

We focus on taking the time-consuming admin away so you can get in front of more clients and write more loans. We focus on supporting brokers in 5 areas.

5 Stages of Support

1. Opportunities
  • Building data base list.
  • Cleaning data base.
  • Preparing for reviews.
  • Managing calendars/ bookings and confirming meetings
2. Loan Processing
  • Date entry.
  • Filing (supplementary documents).
  • Following with outstanding information.
    • Chase up bank (Bank bashing)
3. Settlement Preparation
  • Follow up Lenders regarding documents (Bank bashing).
  • Follow outstanding fee settlement.
  • Confirm settlement (Solicitor).
4. Post Settlement
  • Confirmation Letter for:
    • New account details.
    • Confirm payment details, etc.
5. Compliance Check
  • Credit Guide, Privacy Consent, Credit Proposed (signed).

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