VBP Paraplanning

We are committed to partnering with financial planning firms that are of scale, and have in-house paraplanning and admin support, where we can work with their team to help scale their business.

Dedicated Paraplanner

A dedicated offshore paraplanner can be offered – where the paraplanner works as part of your team similarly to how our admin people work with our clients. We provide training and onboarding, the same way we do with our admin. We ensure all the processes for generating advice documents and client preferences are covered. 

The main advantage of
having a dedicated paraplanner is having someone to work proactively with your admin team, completing all necessary tasks, allowing you to focus on managing work prioritisation.

Furthermore, through their work together, our paraplanners are able to build good relationships and understanding with their advisers. This is another huge benefit as it improves overall work efficiency.
Feedback on plans and training requirements can be addressed directly to your paraplanner as well as to their Client Service Manager,  (the head of their paraplanning team in the Philippines.)


Fixed Monthly Fee

RG146-qualified Paraplanners

Provision of ongoing training and maintenance of CPD

Other functions

(if not fully utilised with SOA requests)

Integration within our VBP Admin team

So all plan preparation and advice documentation can be done concurrently.

Additional Support

Provided by Australian based Paraplanning Manager to assist with strategy confirmation, process improvement, and compliance.

Compliance & Training

We will work with you to ensure that we understand your licensee’s requirements and that your own internal processes for ensuring documents are correct and that you meet all compliance requirements.

We provide monthly training to all our teams and ensure they meet 40 CPD per annum. We will also work with you to get feedback on any issues that arise and make sure we provide support and training to address specific concerns if required.

How much can a Paraplanner do per month?

This is a difficult question for us to answer as the output relies on the software being used, the templates and license requirement as well as the type of advice documents.

Based on our experience* for standard SOA documents (up to 4 strategies), a dedicated paraplanner would be able to complete 15-20 per month – average cost of plan would be $160 -$213 per plan.

* based on AMP’s compliance requirements and SOA template

What they say about us.

Vanessa has taken on her new role with a lot of integrity.

I am very happy with Vanessa in the new paraplanning role. She’s a great asset to our team and has high attention to detail and is very accountable for her own work and how that impacts our business.

If your other staff are like Vanessa, I would highly recommend VBP to friends or colleagues.

Jana Wilson

Blueprint Wealth