VBP is an enabler of some of the fastest growing financial service firms in Australia. We are passionate about helping financial advisers do more for their clients. This includes finding ways to improve systems, process and IT software that drive the back office of advisory firms.


Experts in Backoffice Efficiencies, System Integration, Standardise Business Process, Data and Privacy Security and Marketing for service businesses.

We are a Culture-Led Business

Our employee attrition is half the industry average. This is because we always make sure that our culture is maintained. The core values that underpin our work environment are consistently observed at all times. We have a fun and relaxed workplace.
Employees are inspired to be self-leaders. They have independence in making decisions. At the same time, they are responsible for their every actions. Our dedicated staffs are part of a strong team with lots of experience in working with financial service firms.


Our clients love working with us because we understand their individual business requirements. They can always expect that we deliver scalable solutions which are cost-effective and tailored to their specific needs.


The best part of working at VBP is the relaxed atmosphere, strong camaraderie with colleagues and environment that fosters learning and constant improvement.



At VBP, being a company

means being a family.

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Our services brochure provides a detailed list of the services we provide. We can customize our offering based on your requirements. Also, we will work with your team to understand your business process.

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