On Demand Webinar Episodes

Part 1

About Us and Key Service Offering

In the first part of the webinar, we give you an overview of Virtual Business Partners – how we started, what we do (our 4 key service offerings) and what our business process looks like.

Part 2

Financial Planning Task We Can Do

Our business model – we have dedicated staff for each client who specialise in financial planning services, helping you from data gathering to lodgments to SOA preparations. We also have dedicated executive assistants who can help with business support and work management tasks.

Part 3

How We Deal with Security and Privacy

Being an outsourcing company in the financial planning industry requires extensive security precautions. In this part, we discuss how VBP abides to all necessary privacy guidelines as well as physical and IT security.

Part 4

Our Culture and Our Team

Apart from maintaining professional relationships and providing excellent services for our clients, we also strongly value our culture. VBP is a culture-led business, giving high importance to employee welfare and satisfaction. We encourage our clients to visit our Cebu site and experience our VBP culture.