Each Friday at 3:30 PM (Cebu time) we have a weekly team meeting. The meeting is to provide updates, discuss challenges and share learnings. Once a month, we have an all-company meeting where we share company-wide updates, do team building, share success stories, etc.

Part of the new implementations this 2019 is the change in our Friday meeting schedules and the addition of our All-Hands Meetings.

We will now be having one (1) all-hands meeting scheduled around every quarter (3 times per year maximum) which will run from 1pm – 4pm Cebu time (3 hours). The purpose of the all-hands meeting is to provide a more structured format for company updates, culture building and alignment, as well as having a focus on personal development and skills training.

This will be more manageable as our family grows bigger and these meetings will be held offsite at a venue that will accommodate our staff numbers.

To compensate for the working hours consumed during our all-hands meetings, we will reduce our weekly Friday meetings down to only twice per month.

As you know, we currently have four (4) weekly Friday meetings per month where our staff wraps up at 3:30 PM (Cebu time) every Friday. Effective this month, we will only be having a maximum of two (2) weekly Friday meetings per month which will be on the first and second weeks (unless necessity will require us to move the schedule around).

For the rest of the Fridays each month, our staff will work until 4:00 PM (Cebu time).

Tentative date for our first all-hands meeting this year will be on 1st March 2019.

Our CSMs will advise you regarding schedule and relevant details, prior to each all-hands meeting.

For any questions or concerns, please contact our CSMs.

We appreciate your support in this area.