Meeting Advantage Dashboard Project


  • Go to this link Meeting Advantage Dashboard Project
  • Login email as password: Sharks00
  • Go to the link again.
  • I want you to create this dashboard only.
  • I want you to copy all the functions in this dashboard including (Adding Team Members, Book & Creating Meetings, Creating Objectives and Plans, Creating To-do List, Creating notes/whiteboard that can be seen by the team members. Export PDF, Account History)
  • I want to have an admin dashboard where i can approve registrations, and maintain the users.
  • I want you to create also a login / registration page for  30- free trial or a paid membership.
  • This website should not be an ecommerce and not should be able to pay online.
  • Once a user is registered. I will only accept or decline his/her registration.

Once you understand my requirements. I want you to send me a Proposal, Timeframe, Qoutation, Platform Used in this email

If you have questions and queries, pm me again on skype. Thank you!