Uncovering constraints, providing new solutions.

In this report, we have unpacked and dissected the challenges and constraints in the financial planning industry.

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Hours Delivering and Documenting Financial Advice



Top 3 Frustrations of Financial Advisers:

SOA completion


Robust efficient advice templates

Being in the frontline of delivering advice results to the need for someone to step forward to solve problems. During the webinar, we will introduce you to 2 of our first solutions that are designed to help you overcome these challenges that negatively affect profitability and client experience.


Reduce Sales Cycle / Increase Profitability

Improve Client Experience

Reduce SOA Completion Time by 50%+

 Advice Case Builder – is a solution that will create for your practice a compliant advice file focusing on the areas where advisers struggle the most – File Note & BID

Advice Generator – a custom Xplan wizard that will deliver to your practice a streamlined advice output which optimises paraplanning completion time.

How do advisers spend their time?

Below are examples of the division of the respondents’ time based on their take home pay range.
We can see the percentage of time spent by respondents for activities in their business.
This shows that for respondents who belong to the 151K-220K range, they spend 34% of their time on Client Meetings, 11% on Business Development, 14% on New Client Meetings, 19% on Plan Preparation, 9% on Investment, and 13% on General Administration

In the report, we have presented actual percentages for practices in different take home pay ranges which illustrate the comparison on how businesses effectively (or ineffectively) allocate their time.
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