Frequently Asked Questions

How do we start an engagement with VBP?

To start a conversation with VBP, simply click on Get Started (upper right corner) and fill out the contact form. You will be booked for an introductory call. There, we will provide an overview of our services as well as seek to learn about your business and your needs. 

From this, we will work out what type of relationship we could build together and ensure that this brings value to you. You can discuss everything in detail with our BDM team. 

Once you have accepted our proposal, we will share with you an onboarding program that begins with a kick-start meeting to address all the steps to get you ready for your new VBP team.

What IT security is in place?

We have a range of IT security measures in place including password protection, team member monitoring software, firewalls, back-ups, etc. We can provide a compliance pack that will outline all of our IT Security policies and procedures.

Do you have professional indemnity insurance?

Yes, VBP has professional indemnity insurance. We will provide a copy of the policy as part of the compliance pack during the onboarding program.

How do we add tasks in the future?

Your business is developing and growing so we appreciate that, in time, you may want to extend the capacity and capabilities of your VBP team.

For instance, you may begin with a single Financial Planning Assistant. Later, demand may need you to add another then further down the track, you may need new capabilities. We can support you with your first Paraplanner or Mortgage Broking Assistant. 

Similarly, the tasks that your VBP team members undertake may also evolve as your business changes. To adjust the scope, it is a simple matter of contacting your Client Services Manager who will arrange a  discussion about the changes or new tasks you would like to add. 

VBP will review whether we have existing training materials. If not, the Learning & Development and our Business Analysis team will be engaged to make sure that we can support  you and the frontline team members with the new tasks being assigned.

Do you offer a free trial; or can we have one off tasks completed?

We invest time developing the skills and capabilities of the VBP team members we allocate to you. As a result, one off tasks or free trials are not practical. However, we are confident that we can secure the right team for you and solve the challenges you have. We, therefore, offer a 45-day money back guarantee, from the date the team member is handed over to you.

Is there a lock-in period with the contract?

Our agreements are renewed annually although you can amend the agreement in terms of capacity and capabilities needed within the period. If your circumstances change and you do need to conclude the agreement, you can do so with 30 days notification.

How do we prepare ourselves for the orientation and kick off with our own VBP team?
Once we have finalised agreements, VBP will provide you with a pre-implementation questionnaire and guide that will help you arrange what you need to know and prepare for. We also use this information to ensure we are aligned and able to prepare for a successful kick-start meeting. We will document and share this onboarding process with you as part of our success planning.

It does help to keep a log or record of the tasks that surface from today onwards to get a view as to the types of tasks, capabilities, and possible capacities you might need. Do refer to our service guide for examples of the types of tasks that you may want to consider.

How do we communicate with our VBP team members?

There will be a number of ways that you will be able to engage and communicate with your VBP team members. We use Google Workspace, and Zoom for phone services (with an Australian phone number so you can call them directly at any time), chat, and video conferencing.

Your team will engage with you every day through ‘huddles’ between you (your key contacts) and the team. They will also be embedded in the environment of your business and so will be part of the same communications, workflow, and CRM tools that you use with your on-site teams.

How do you track the work being done?

We have automated software that tracks start and finish times, while also tracking activities and completions of key tasks. We provide daily reports to show completion rates, turnaround times as well as the total amount of time allocated to work for the day. The tools also track activity, screenshots, and project tagging. This supports productivity and security.

How do you deal with Australian privacy laws?

VBP is an Australian company and abides by the Australian privacy laws. Our privacy policy is available for review. Our Philippines operation is a sub-agent of the Australian entity and required to abide by the same Australian privacy policies as an Australian company. The Philippine obligations are also adhered to.

What happens if my VBP team member resigns?

At VBP, we seek to invest in careers, not people. We seek to invest in continuous career development and we work with team members to align their ambitions and goals with the company. From time to time, though, a team member will resign.

We seek to have an engaged and transparent relationship with you so that we can manage through these moments with as few disruptions as possible. A key element is that we document all processes that your VBP team member is performing for you. This allows us to pivot to a new team member quickly as we have the documented training, process maps, and guides available.

There is no additional cost when a new team member needs to be recruited and we will ensure that we address all the recruitment, training, and transitioning (from the incumbent team member).

What hours will my VBP team in the Philippines work?

Our team works from 7am to 4pm in the Philippines. The team members have a 1-hour lunch break that is generally taken from 12-1pm.

The Philippines is in the same timezone as Perth so the hours of work in Australia’s EST is 9AM-6PM, while during daylight savings the times are 10am-7pm AEST.

We also work to Australian public holidays in the state where your office is based. VBP ensures the management of all leave entitlements and the payment of premium pay for Philippine public holidays.

How Do We Securely Manage Your Data and Privacy?

VBP Management is committed to the control and security of all information. VBP invests in education, training and IT infrastructure provided to its personnel to improve efficiency and ease of use, with the emphasis on the security of information.

The INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a systematic approach to managing sensitive company information so that it remains secure. It includes people, processes and IT systems by applying a risk management process. (from ISO)