Structured Training

Course Title

Insurance Review and Strategies


This training is approximately a 2-hour session.

Date of Training

March 27 and 28, 2019

Target Audience

This training is open to,

  • those who need to re-acquaint themselves with the strategies and the preparation of applicable forms
  • those whose clients might be considering to outsource these tasks and have this course beneficial to the Client Service Representative


The purpose of the ‘Insurance Review and Strategies’ Training is for learners to

  • ensure previous learnings about insurance are retained and kept current
  • understand the different strategies and recommendations provided by financial advisers involving insurance
  • identify the forms needed to be completed for these insurance strategies

     At the end of this training, FPAs are able to:

  • Identify what forms to use for different insurance strategies
  • Extract information from insurance quotes


This training covers the following,

  • Underwriting Process
  • Insurance Strategies – consolidation, Life/TPD Inside Super, Pre-pay IP Outside Super, Linked Trauma
  • Understanding the quotes prepared
  • Identifying other insurance forms to prepare for the insurance strategies

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