Myla is just extraordinary I call her the “silent achiever” at Navwealth as she just goes about doing her work with enthusiasm regardless of how much additional work we seem to give her she just never complains. I often say to Dawn how is Myla’s capacity planning going as she seems to just about be able to do anything with give her and I just can’t believe the amount of work she gets through each month!

In addition to Myla’s efficiency, passion and work ethic her attention to detail is extraordinary and I just don’t know what I would have done without Myla in 2020.Myla is certainly not only valuable to me personally and Navwealth but also a great asset of course to the VBP team. The manner in which Myla conducts herself is extraordinary especially in 2020 with the Covid challenges you are facing in Cubu and I felt today I needed you to know what a wonderful job Myla does in representing VBP.”