Valery Jakosalem

Sales and Onboarding Consultant


She joined VBP last  March 2018 . She worked as a financial planning assistant for a year and 7 months for different licensees. After which, she became an Onboarding Client Service Manager under the Forge. Just recently, she also became a part of the Sales Team as a Sales and Onboarding Consultant.

As an Onboarding Client Service Manager, she helps establish a good working relationship between clients and FPAs. She is responsible for supporting the FPAs and the Clients especially on the first few months of onboarding where most of the adjustments are done.  She oversees the FPAs daily performance and helps them produce compliant and quality work. Now and then, she checks in with clients to make sure that they are supported in whatever way VBP can. 

As a Sales and Onboarding Consultant,   she is usually the first person you get to interact with when you come in touch with VBP for the first time. She will walk you through how we make things possible here in VBP and share a helicopter view of what to expect when onboarding.