Chris Booth

Mortgage Broking Specialist


Chris Booth (Boothy) is our Mortgage Specialist.

Bringing 20 years of banking and lending experience to the team, Chris has both practiced as a Broker and a Broker Manager for over 10 years.

He has held the position of Responsible Manager and Director of Infocus Lending Advisory P/L and provided credit services to a National Network of Financial Planners within the Infocus Group. He has been working with our VBP Team since 2013 when he recruited the first Mortgage Broking Assistants to manage his Broker Back Office.

Chris holds a certificate in education and has worked with Kaplan specialising in the Mortgage Broking Certificate and Diploma structuring education content and facilitating workshops. He has provided the training and development for our team of Mortgage Broking Assistants in Cebu.

Operationally, Chris is passionate about driving efficiencies in Mortgage Broking businesses and has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in managing the increased administration, paperwork, and compliance of a modern day Mortgage Brokerage.