Alez Roque

Innovations Specialist


Prior to joining VBP, Alex has spent 6 years working a few roles in the BPO industry as:

  •       Representative for Sales
  •       Order Entry Specialist
  •       Quality Assurance
  •       Operations Supervisor

Alex is a dedicated CSM for practices under Retire Invest Advice Group. After a year of being a Financial Planning Assistant, she is now managing 17 FPAs spread across 11 practices. She works to ensure an inclusive and harmonious FPA – client relationship by stripping off differences in norms, communication, culture and technicality.

As a data person, Alex is committed to conduct quality one on one sessions backed with appropriate coaching methodologies to discuss FPAs’ Areas of Opportunities and Success and executing SMART action plans. Alex also aims that FPAs are groomed to embody VBP’s service commitment to clients. That is to be relationship driven FPAs working with love, knowledge and commitment.