David Carney

Co-Founder & CEO


David Carney (DC) brings 20 years of experience working in the financial services industry. He is a Certified Financial Planner and was the Managing Director of Aspect Partners—a financial planning firm he previously owned and successfully sold in 2008. He is a Gazelles Certified business coach and has worked with several planning firms to help them with strategic thinking and execution planning.

Frustrated with the bottlenecks in the planning industry caused by the level of admin, paperwork and compliance, he decided to find a solution for planning firms and hence, he has built an organisation that will do exactly that.

SUPER- Dianne P.

“Dianne has had a big win with FLEX Opportunity and AOL given that she had not done this for a while, with SMSFs now in the pipeline. Also the lender follow-up has become more proactive over the last couple of weeks. Very happy with that. Client follow-up have been spontaneous with minimum assistance from me.

Great job!”

Loreen Dyer

The Hopkins Group

SUPER- Maryros C.

“Ros has done some really good documentation work, there was an SOA she heavily assisted me to generate and when submitted to vetting this was possibly the first for me to pass vetting with no amendments required.”

Richard Pritchard

Mon Financial

SUPER- Chairmaine A.

“Kate is very happy! This is the first time that we do not have any comments in our vetting report. Well done!

Brigitte Julien

Edney Ryan Group