Marketing tips: Blog writing checklist

Marketing tips: Blog writing checklist

Why do you need a blog?

A blog humanizes your brand. It gives your business an avenue to discuss about the things that relate to your company and clients. A blog lets you share information and opinions, it shows your voice and character as a brand. It is one of the best ways to establish your purpose and expertise.

Improves traffic and conversion rates

Blog posting is an easy way to build content to your website. As per online algorithms, the more content and pages you have on your site, the more it improves organic search visibility. Thus, increases traffic on your site.

In addition, it drives lead generation and conversion rates. Having a well-maintained blog on your site builds authority for your business and loyalty from your audience—which can be your new, existing or soon-to-be clients, potential leads and prospects.

How to start writing a blog post?

Well, some may think that creating blog posts is fairly easy. Nope.

But here’s a quick guide to help you start with your first blog entry. We have created a checklist on the stages of blog writing based on Daniel Pink’s tips on business writing from HubSpot.


Writing may seem intimidating at first but having a quick checklist on how to go about with the process will definitely give you an extra push to start that blog.

Moving forward, you can also create variety in your posts by experimenting with other types of content like infographics, interactive visuals, video contents, and many more.

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