Provides you with prompts on what to consider when formulating advice. By completing the checklist, you will have a robust basis of advice with all the information documented and dated.

With a central online location for file notes, research, working papers, you can tag your staff in relevant sections for them to action steps in the advice process.

No more multiple files or folders. The Advice Builder is your cloud based system to store and build out the advice process for each of your clients.
Advice Case Builder
An intuitive online solution to guide you through the advice process, compliance and task management.

Efficiency and compliance are two of the biggest pain points for advisers. With the ever-changing compliance landscape and the advice delivery process taking longer than ever, we wanted to offer a solution that would save you time and guide you through the compliance framework around Best Interest Duty 961B of the Corporations Act 2001, FASEA Code of Ethics as well as ‘best practice’ methods in the industry.


File Note System
and Prompts
Client Goal Discovery

Product Research
and Product Comparison
Strategy Research

Financial Modelling
Recommended Product
and Strategy
Task Management
Advice Presentation
and Implementation

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Disclaimer: The use of this checklist does not guarantee compliance with your obligations under the Corporations Act 2001 or the FASEA Code of Ethics. While it does provide prompts on what you should consider in the formulation of your advice, it doesn’t cover all possible areas you may need to consider in line with your client’s goals, needs and objectives or your specific licensee guidelines.