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Virtual Business Partners (VBP) is a Cebu-based (Philippines) company that provides business growth, consulting, and delivery capabilities to more than 200 financial services clients across Australia.

VBP specialises in financial planning with service offerings focused but not limited to: administration, paraplanning, mortgage broking, and bookkeeping.

After 8 years and now with over 800 indispensable team members, VBP is committed to creating generational changes for our team and clients alike.

How it started

David Carney (DC), co-founder and CEO, brings over 30 years experience growing financial services businesses. A Certified Financial Planner, DC has the depth and experience of a practitioner. While as a Gazelles Certified business coach, DC has advised many of the leading financial advice businesses.

David Deegan (DD), co-founder and Director of Innovation, shares a financial service and coaching pedigree. An E-Myth Mastery Coaching graduate, DD supported clients with a focus on business systems, processes, and solutions to create growth.

Over a few drinks, the team realised that there was a better way to support growth for businesses.
Founding VBP allowed them to combine their consultative expertise and to then leverage the scale and security of a team in Cebu, to deliver effective execution to drive genuine change and growth.

Passion and Purpose

VBP’s passion is to create change. Working with Financial Advisers in Australia means building financial wellbeing for their customers now and in the future.

VBP levers insights, and delivers flexibility for advisers by establishing best practice systems, processes, and teams.

Delivering a human-centered approach and creating opportunities for our team members is the core purpose of VBP.

As VBP’s team members establish their careers, not simply jobs, they represent the company’s DNA and the value shared with clients.

Our passion is to help adviser firms be more profitable by working smarter not harder.

Having a team of Virtual Assistants has freed up an enormous amount of time for our advisers and their client support managers. We are now able to focus squarely on client issues rather than the time consuming paperwork, which is now largely being done by our virtual staff at a fraction of what it was costing us.

Dave Stephen

Managing Director, Investblue

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