Last 20th August 2019, our Learning and Development Team has launched FUEL – VBP’s Mentoring Program that will provide a systematic process in creating training and development opportunities in the areas of leadership and management.

The FUEL Mentoring Program is open to all VBP staff specifically to newly appointed leaders and those who aspire to become one. This program will serve as a key succession-planning tool to ensure that we develop the right kind of leaders who will help us achieve our organisational goals.

The first batch of mentors and mentees are handpicked – mentors are second level managers and our mentees include new team leads, domain experts and senior FPAs who would potentially assume a leadership role.

Alex, new Team Lead in Invest Blue, thinks that the mentoring program will help her learn things that are beyond the basic managerial training that they usually have.

“We get more insight through the experience of our tenured mentors, which gives us a more detailed view of the managerial role that we have taken on. I think it will really help me grow, not only as a leader, but as an employee of VBP.”

Our Domain Experts, Sam and Richard, are also looking forward to the benefits of having mentors while they are taking on their roles in the Client Onboarding Team.

“Handling my own team as a DE, I think one of the most important advantages of being part of FUEL would be receiving personal insights from my mentor. This can help me become a more reliable leader in terms of competency and skills”, said Richard.

“This program can also let tenured managers share their best practices to new leaders like me which I can apply in my everyday work”, Sam added.

One of our mentors and top performing managers, Mike Chan, also agrees with the importance of having someone to guide new leaders while they are still in the early phase of their role:

“This will ignite the interest of our new and would-be leaders to proficiently take on the role through learning the fundamentals of leadership while growing their self-esteem and becoming the best version of themselves.”

FUEL has been delegated to the Learning and Development department. A Program Manager is designated to oversee development, implementation, and evaluation of the program.