New delegates, new speakers, new sessions, new experiences! From last year’s 21 delegates, this year, we’re up to 40 attendees in our annual conference including clients, special guests and keynote speakers.

This makes us feel so ecstatic and at the same time, overwhelmed and maybe…nervous? Since doubling up the number of attendees seems to be the trend for the past 3 years. Yikes! We might need to build are own conference hall now. (Hello, DC!)

But we think, by now, we can agree on one thing: the VBP conference just keeps getting better every year!

The VBP Outsourcing Conference

The 4-day annual VBP Outsourcing Conference is tailored for those advisers who are ready to move towards innovation to help scale their businesses.  This is ideal for both existing VBP clients and those who are considering outsourcing as a new part of their business process.

Our main goal is to give our delegates the tools, ideas and techniques to help speed up productivity and reduce cost paving the way to higher efficiency  and client engagement. Through our sessions and office tour, we are able to show what we do and how outsourcing with VBP really works.

Our sessions and keynote speakers

This year we have 3 guest keynote speakers who flew from AU to join us and share valuable knowledge and insights on (in photo L-R):

The power of the VBP Culture

In this conference, we also give our clients the opportunity to meet and bond with their offshore team members here in VBP. And more importantly, to witness first-hand the amazing culture that we have built for our team.

We started off with around 40 delegates and by the end of the conference, we had 40 Freaks dancing, cheering, drinking beers and singing karaoke with us! (PS: We call ourselves the VBP Freaks)

We always reiterate the value of building relationships with our clients and with one another. They ask us what’s the secret to our fast and consistent growth? We say the power of happy people, our happy people.

We are truly grateful for the overwhelming support that our delegates have shown and we wish to have more client visits not only during the annual conference but any time they wish to visit us here in Cebu.

“If you believe business is built on relationships,
make building them your business.” — Scott Stratten


Watch the overall conference and awards night highlights below: