Dreading transcriptions?

Anyone working in the financial planning industry can surely relate to creating tons of file notes and transcribing numerous discovery meetings.

This slow painful process is one of the most time-consuming tasks in our back office.

But thanks to the ever amazing magic of technology, people are now discovering new tools to make this task easier to bear.

Otter AI App

Artificial Intelligence has always been around for quite a while but recently became a fast rising trend that has largely contributed to today’s technological advancement. Some of these help you find your way to that newly opened café in the city, think Siri and Google Assistant, some even help our doctors in various clinical scenarios. And now, it will be helping you out with admin tasks too.

Otter is a voice note app created by AI Sense that helps you record and transcribe your conversations real-time.

Record, Transcribe, Share!

You can use Otter in all types of conversations, just don’t forget to inform or ask permission from all parties involved in the conversation.

The app functions as a simple voice recorder but what gives Otter its edge is its real-time transcription. While recording the conversation, it automatically transcribes the words which you can see right on your screen as you talk and record. It has key features like voice recognition where it recognizes different voices and time stamps when it detects a different person/voice speaking. Once recording and transcription is done, you are able to search keywords when you want to jump into a specific part of the conversation.

Though Otter’s transcription is far from perfect, it may input different words depending on how it captures the sound. You can then review the transcription and just edit it out. This still helps you save a huge amount of time and effort.

In addition, the AI app also allows exporting and collaboration so you can easily share notes with your team members.

The app is a great tool to use for back office tasks where file notes and discovery meetings have always been a part of the routine.

Using Otter will give you and your FPAs more time to focus on other crucial tasks. Definitely an increase in productivity!

Check out the Otter AI App here: https://otter.ai/