VBP’s most anticipated event of the year

It’s that time of the year again when clients from across Australia visit VBP to learn more about the value of outsourcing and of course, witness our unique and amazing culture.

Everyone’s excited!

This year, we had 20 delegates from 14 firms who joined us in our 4-day tour and conference. Just like last year, each day we ran different sessions.


  • Conference opening and tech updates
  • What will the advice business of the not-too-distant future look like?
  • The most effective back office you can run
  • Dealing with security of client information and how to reduce risks
  • How to scale your business
  • Getting the most from outsourcing

After the sessions, clients were able to spend the rest of their time in the office to meet and train their team members as well as talk to other staff with unique roles beyond the typical financial planning tasks. This way, our delegates were given the chance to understand our operations and gain some insights that may be helpful for their business.

They were also taken to notable food spots in the city to have their lunch and dinner. Not only were they able to enjoy our local food, this is also the time when they get to interact with their co-delegates and learn about each other’s businesses.

On the last day of the conference, we took the delegates to an island hopping trip. Of course, a visit to the tropics isn’t complete without a beach trip, right?




After their beach adventure, they headed back to the hotel to prepare for that evening’s event, one of the highlights of the conference, the Talent and Awards Night.

It was definitely picture-perfect – everyone dressed up in stunning Great Gatsby outfits, having fun and celebrating the exceptional talents showcased by the staff as well as the recognition of hard work and dedication of our team.

Watch the highlights from the conference:

With the efforts of everyone involved in the planning and organising, the conference was a huge success!

As we would always mention, VBP not only aims to provide great service to our clients but also build strong relationships with them.

Hosting this annual conference is our way of adding value to what we give to our clients—to help them understand our role better and to let them experience being part of an amazing culture.


The conference was on point and insightful, the time in the office was beyond special allowing us to see the most wonderful culture and talents that superseded any expectation. Meeting all VBP team was wonderful. The talent and awards night – WOW! Unless you are lucky enough to be a part of the evening you cannot understand the time, effort and commitment from every single person. Your culture and beliefs are evident within your entire team.

Thank you for every moment, I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with VBP and have gained a massive amount of knowledge and insight from both your team and the other clients whom we were lucky enough to share our time with.

Loren Carr

Client Services and Relationship Manager, MBS Insurance

Overall the organisation, the chance to meet my team in person, the learnings from other attendees and  from how VBP operate made it easy to justify the time and the cost.
Peter Monahan

General Manager, EJM Financial Services

Great networking, positive open discussions between delegates about industry and practice operations.
Extremely well organised. Great to experience the VBP Office and it’s culture. Insightful conference sessions, being able to understand more of our VBP staff’s location and culture. Great value.

Luke Ellis

Operations Manager, UNICA Wealth

See photos from the conference on our Facebook Page:
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