Less hassle, less cost yet consistent and more efficient.

Late last year, we refocused our paraplanning services by offering dedicated paraplanners to our clients. With this service, a dedicated offshore paraplanner is assigned to a particular client where they work as a part of their team similar to how our existing admin staff (financial planning assistants, executive assistants, etc.) work with their clients.

We provide training and onboarding the same way we do with our admin staff. We ensure all the processes for generating advice documents and client preferences are covered.

Why is it better to have a dedicated paraplanner?

By having a dedicated paraplanner, you will have someone proactively work with your admin team to complete all necessary tasks which can reduce the turnaround time as an SOA can be delivered together with an SOA pack (all the supporting documentation to implement the advice).

With a paraplanner exclusively working for your firm, he/she is able to learn your process and preference, allowing them to understand how you want certain tasks to be done. This is a huge benefit as it improves overall work efficiency as they get to know the advisers and their requirements and are able to easily clarify issues with advisers without lots of reworks.

How our dedicated paraplanners helped our clients

We now have 19 dedicated paraplanners working for 14 clients, with more currently in training. We are regularly adding more to our team as we cater to more clients.

Our paraplanners undergo intensive initial training with RG146 qualification. They are also provided with ongoing training and ensure they meet 40 CPD per annum.

“Staff are eager to learn and I have found that as they build the relationship with the client they are more confident in raising issues. The feedback from clients is very positive regarding the dedicated paraplanner model.” says Head of Paraplanning Jason McDonald.

Here are a couple more feedback, this time from clients themselves:

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