Further improve operational efficiency and add more value to your services by outsourcing more key areas in your back office.

We are well aware that the most important resource of an organisation is their people. We grow our business by growing our people. And with that, we always aim for labor efficiency in order to deliver the best service to our clients.

Nowadays, outsourcing plays a vital role in growing people and increasing labor efficiency. It has been said and proven time and again that outsourcing reduces costs and increases productivity. Most often, it is the most viable solution for those who seek specialists for certain areas of their businesses in order to stay ahead in their industry.

So when we have established a competent team, our next goal is to make them even more productive.

How can we get more from our people and add value to our service?

For those who are already experiencing the benefits of outsourcing, it is also important to know how to maximise it to further boost operational efficiency.

Since 2013, we have been the expert in providing back office support to financial planning firms across Australia. But since then, we have also grown widely in terms of service offering to our clients.

Currently, we have 4 key service offerings: admin, paraplanning, bookkeeping and marketing.

Our financial planning admin includes tasks like gathering information and research, preparing quotes, form lodgments, preparing annual reports and SOA summary. Services for mortgage broking are also offered as well as other ad hoc services.

We now offer a dedicated paraplanner for each client. One of our current paraplanners, Sam, creates SOAs for his clients including product research, reviewing Product Disclosure Statements and product comparisons.

Bookkeeping & Management Report
Bookkeeping services include monthly process reconciliation of all transactions production of monthly P&L, payroll, balance sheet and cash flow reporting as well as providing business intelligence via way of dashboards and management reporting.

We focus on digital marketing with an emphasis on content creation for financial planners to showcase their subject matter expertise with prospects. Below are some samples of online and printed materials:

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