The importance of having a strong corporate culture (with your Outsourced Service Provider)

As you know by now, culture is a big deal in VBP.  As we continue to grow, the challenge lies on how to sustain the strong connection amongst our team members while allowing each employee to flourish on their own.

Our company’s purpose doesn’t stop with providing excellent back office support to financial firms. We also make sure that we provide the best working environment to our staff. We aim to be one family despite our growing number and diversity. We aim to keep our staff happy and enthusiastic–to work in a place where all their efforts, big or small, are valued; to work in a place where they can be themselves and share their talents and interests with their colleagues; to work in a place where it’s more than just ‘work’.

Each year, the VBP staff are divided in to teams (we call them ‘squads’) where they compete through the year in a range of activities to win the VBP Culture Cup. This year’s Culture Cup competition opened at the VBP Culture Camp 2018, a full day offsite team-building event. Energy overflowed as the cauldron was lit and the competition began. The squads presented their cheers and yells and played a series of games which encouraged teamwork and camaraderie. Of course, the much-anticipated part of the event was the search for the next VBP Culture Camp Ambassador and Ambassadress (us Filipinos love a beauty pageant). The winners will not only be the “faces” of VBP, but more importantly, they will be playing lead roles in developing a program for staff engagement that will cultivate and promote the VBP culture.

So why do we value culture so much? And why is it important for our clients?

Firstly, we believe that it is important for our clients to know that they are working with a company that cares about their people. Secondly, focusing on a strong culture makes good business sense and benefits us and our clients as we increase staff retention. Lastly, client satisfaction is greatly influenced by employee satisfaction—if our staff are happy with our company, they are motivated to perform well thus increasing efficiency and keeping clients happy.

Here are some stats from the previous year:

  • Average staff tenue increased by 30% in the past 12 months
  • 23% employees from staff referral (good staff refer good staff!)
  • 19% reduction in staff turnover since Jan 2017


Watch the highlights of the VBP Culture Camp 2018: